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The Chipper Chipmunk Friday Favorites- Coconut Secret- Coconut Vinegar

coconut seceret friday favoriteApple cider vinegar has some serious competition, guys!  Have you heard of “coconut vinegar?”  If not, you’re in for a serious treat with this edition of The Chipper Chipmunk’s Friday Favorites.  I’m going to share a fabulous find I came across while shopping for gluten-free, low-sugar salad dressings: Coconut Secret’s Raw Coconut Vinegar.  It’s been a serious game-changer for me on the road to health and fitness, and I want to share it with you today.

Coconut Secret –

Let me start by saying that I LOVE companies that were created in order to help others and are ethically and morally legit, while providing amazing products.  Coconut Secret checks the box in all of these areas. coconut secret website

Leslie and Randy are the brother-sister creators behind the Coconut Secret brand.  Together, they had the passion and drive to research and materialize a line of products that would be safe for their Diabetic parents to consume.  On their long road to discovery, they remained true to their mission and the end-result is an array of delicious USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic products.  My favorite is their nutrient-stacked “Raw Coconut Vinegar“.  You can read more about their full story here.COCONUT SAP VINEGAR VS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Benefits of Coconut Sap Vinegar-

Want a crash course in the health benefits of this coconut sap vinegar?  Do yourself a favor and visit Coconut Secret’s website.  After clicking through the various tabs, I feel as though I could put on the ol’ cap and gown and receive a diploma in the field of coconut education!

I mean their website is seriously overflowing with useful, informative, and helpful facts about their products!  They even have a comparison chart to show how coconut vinegar is even HEALTHIER than apple cider vinegar!  I know what you’re thinking…. “No way, man!  Not possible!”  Well feast your eyes on this my doubtful friends:


There’s so much “YES” in this product that it’s hard to identify just 10 reasons why you’ll love it, but I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet.  I want to give you plenty of time to get over to the nearest store or website, so you can snag a bottle of your own.

(Friendly Reminder: I don’t get paid for any product endorsements.  I just want to share the love and believe in companies who are doing good for our world and for our health.)


  1. It’s 100% Certified Organic.
  2. It’s abundant in potassium.
  3. It’s raw, unheated, and enzymically alive.
  4. It’s Non-GMO Project Verified
  5. It’s gluten-free.
  6. It contains 17 health promoting amino acids, broad spectrum B vitamins and vitamin C.
  7. It contains naturally occurring prebiotics to aid with digestion.
  8. It doesn’t require refrigeration, so you’ll have more “prime real-estate”, AND for those who don’t like the taste of coconut, it lacks the “coconutty flavor”. 😉
  9. According to the bottle label, “in addition to using the coconut vinegar for salad dressings and marinades, it may also be used instead of apple cidar vinegar for skincare or with any internal cleansing program.”
  10. It contains “THE MOTHER”, which is what you should look for in both apple cidar and coconut vinegar for maximum health benefits!

All this talk about coconut has me jonesin’ for a giant salad smuthered in this coconut vinegar, chased with a slice of my Coconut- Spaghetti Squash- Maca Pie!

Coconut Spaghetti Squash Maca Pie-2

Thank you for joining me in this week’s edition of The Chipper Chipmunk’s Friday Favorites.  To find out about other awesome brands and products, as well as healthy recipes and workout motivation, don’t forget to subscribe to The Chipper Chipmunk Tribe on the right side of my “home page”! Oh…I almost forgot to tell you..I’m on Pinterest now!  (It’s about time, huh?! ;))

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m about to get my coconut grub sesh on! 😉 Til’ next time, friends!  Ps.  Summer is comin’! Whoot!  Whoot! 😉cool coconutI




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