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The Chipper Chipmunk’s Friday Favorites-Barney Butter- Spread the Love!

barney butter friday favorites

For this week’s Chipper Chipmunk Friday Favorites, I’ll be spreading the love with an awesome, California-based company, called Barney Butter.  Get ready to hang ten, because your tastebuds will be ridin’ a nutritious wave of yummy goodness with every spoonful of their skin-free almonds.

That’s right!  These almonds are skinny dippin’, which accounts for Barney Butter’s uniquely smooth taste and texture.  Beyond the amazing flavor and health benefits of noshin’ on these nut butters, you can feel great about supporting a company that ethically sources their non-GMO certified ingredients, uses BPA-free, 100% post consumer recycled jars, and supports the bio-diversity of their almond suppliers as well as the Xerces Society. Check out their full story and beliefs at

Barney Butter Beliefs <3 I was fortunate enough to stumble across this brand while shopping for almond butter to use in my Matcha-Pistachio-Banana Bread recipe.  The colors and simple exterior of their jars, drew me in.  Then I saw the non-GMO verified stamp, whole food ingredient list, and an adorable quote that read, “There’s nothing Barney Butter and a spoon can’t fix.”  SOLD!  On my first go, I bought one of each!  How could I choose between all of this awesomeness before me?  Plus I was in the prime of baking season, so I easily rationalized my new obsession.  (Not to mention the surprising affordability, since the company believes that..”food should be affordable and accessible, not just for those who can pay a high price tag.  While almond prices fluctuate, we always try to offset rising prices with coupons and promotions.” )OurProducts_fixed-e1466451592185

For those of you Chipper Chipmunk tribe members who have subscribed to my blog or follow my social media pages, you know that I love to educate on the benefits of eating whole foods, followed by a simple yet scrumptious recipe including said whole foods.  So staying true to form, here are the TOP REASONS WHY YOUR BODY LOVES ALMONDS:


Oh, did I forget to mention that Barney Butter also sells bags of their tasty almonds, as well as almond flour, almond meal, dip cups, and snack packs??  Talk about a Chipper Chipmunk health nut’s dream come true!  This company does it all, guys!


On my next round of Carrot-Almond Protein Cookies, you can bet your board shorts, I’ll be using their bag of Raw Unsalted Almonds!  For my Matcha-Pistachio- Banana bread, I chose their Bare Smooth (no sugar added or salt) Almond Butter, and I was THRILLED with the end result:

I know it’s been a total love fest happenin’ already, but I have to share a couple more reasons why Barney Butter is the bomb!  Check out their website, and do yourself a favor by clicking on “Recipes” and “Ambassadors“.  You have now been enlightened to endless taste bud delights via their own recipes, and those friends of Barney Butter who share every-day recipes on social media.  (Hint: These ambassadors will often share discount codes with their recipes too!  Holler!)

Alright, all this talkin’ about Barney Butter has this Chipper Chipmunk’s tummy growlin’, so I’m about to bounce and get my grub on! I hope you enjoyed my 4th edition of Friday Favorites.  Please spread the love, and share this ledgit company and it’s amazing products with your tribe by posting this link to your own social media pages:  “The Chipper Chipmunk’s Friday Favorites- Spread the Love with Barney Buter!”  I truly believe that the more we support businesses like this one, the better our world will be for all of us and future generations.  Every time we purchase a product, we are voting on what we want to see more of, so make that vote count! 😉

chipper chipmunk barney butterAs always, I’d love to hear from you!  Post your comments below and/or on The Chipper Chipmunk Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.  Happy, healthy grubbin’! 😁

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