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Day #1- On this day, you committed, believed and loved yourself enough to make a positive change for your health and happiness.

IMG_2275With any lifestyle change, there often comes a flood of conflicting emotions: Excitement, anxiety, frustration, anticipation, hope, despair and everywhere in between.  How do you navigate this first big step on your journey to ultimate health and happiness?

For starters….one day at a time.  This may seem like a simplistic answer to an overwhelming question about the unknown, but if you really think about it, what we’re doing TRULY requires a one-day-at-a-time mentality.  I’ll explain what I mean.

What we’re embarking upon is not just a “quick fix”, fleeting moment.  It’s the beautiful opportunity for rebirth and living up to the dreams and expectations we’ve always wanted for ourselves, by changing our lifestyle.  This is no small task for any of us, and because of the effort and diligence required to reach our end goals, focusing on the day at hand is critical to our success.

Maybe you’ve started this journey because you’ve come to the realization that junk food is NOT and NEVER will be your friend.  Eating a box of cookies or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s is far from the solution to fixing a stressful day at the office, a fight with your spouse, the loss of a loved one, the hectic schedule of caring for the kids, and all of the other reasons that we tend to eat to feel better.  Another reason for your Day #1 could be that you’ve made the conscious choice to no longer be a prisoner to the Sugar Monster.  Your sick of feeling tired, inflamed, overweight, and undernourished by the foods you’ve been eating, and you want to break free today.  Maybe you have new goals for health and fitness, and are wanting to hold yourself accountable by starting on a “Monday”, or the first of the month to track your progress.  Perhaps you’ve fallen off the health and fitness wagon for reasons you feel are far too personal or embarassing to divulge.  Don’t despair, friend.  Whatever the cause for your “Day 1”, take a deep breath, and smile.  You’ve made the decision to start anew, and that not only takes guts, but it’s the first step in your success story.

fall 7 get up 8Here’s 3 Helpful Tips to Keep you Moving Forward One Day at a Time

  • Write a positive daily mantra and keep it in view.  A daily reminder as simple as, “I’m committed to my health and happiness.  Today is going to be an awesome day.  I deserve this!”, does amazing things for the mind, body, and spirit.
    • Write it on your mirror, a post-it on your computer, the vanity mirror in your car, and especially on the refrigerator door.  Say it out loud, and with conviction.  This is your truth.
  • Keep a thorough food/exercise journal with notes on how you’re feeling before, during, and/or after you eat your meals and complete your workouts.
    • This keeps you in the present about how you’re feeling when you’re eating and exercising.  It will make you aware of how these healthy choices are effecting your emotions in a positive way.  If you have a “hiccup”, write down what you ate, why you ate it, and how it made you feel.  Chances are you regretted the lapse in judgment and are beating yourself up about it.  If you document it in your daily log, when the sugar cravings strike, you can reference that entry and remind yourself (from your own personal experience) why you don’t want to do that again.  Most importantly, STOP beating yourself up about it.  Learn from your mistake and move forward. 😉  Also, re-read the entries where you’re feeling AMAZING about the nutritious foods you’ve eaten and challenging workouts you’ve crushed.  BE PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or SUPER-SIZED ACHIEVEMENT.  The accumulation of all these “wins”, ultimately adds up to you reaching your end-goals!
    • My suggestion is to download an app called, My Fitness Pal.  It allows you to track your food, exercise, AND there is a handy-dandy “notes” section where you can add your thoughts and feelings.  If you’re “not into the app thing”, just kick it old school and keep a writing journal.  I do that too! 😉
  • Surround yourself with a tribe of supportive, encouraging, positivity-enablers.
    • Who are the people in your life that you can truly trust with your health and happiness?  Who is going to encourage you not to give up?  Who’s going to give you a “tough-love pep talk” to put down that donut, or bag of chips?  Who will not allow you to give up or talk negatively about yourself?  Who will join you in your dedication to eating healthy and working out?  Flood your life with these individuals.  They’re your tribe, and The Chipper Chipmunk Tribe is on that list! 😉  They’ll be here to support you every step of the way, and believe that you can and WILL reach your goals!

braver than you seem.png

Now let’s go out there, and make the most of today!  Thank you again for joining me on this journey.  I’m so happy you’re here. xo




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