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Starting Now- Let’s Focus on ADDING in Fruits & Veggies and SUBTRACTING out Sugar


Whether you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, on a juice cleanse, or still figuring out what foods are best for your body, fresh fruits and vegetables are essential additions to your plate, while sugar along with all of its aliases–glucose, fructose, maltodextrin, cane sugar, etc. etc. etc.– need to take a hike!  The sooner you can get rid of the sugar monster, the better!  What is exactly is the sugar monster you ask?

The Sugar Monster:

sugar monster

The Sugar Monster is that growing addiction of craving sugar-laden, nutrient deficient, inflammatory, disease-causing JUNK FOOD.  Most of us know by now that sugar is simply NOT good for any of us.  In fact, studies have proven time and time again that it’s one of the main causes of auto-immune disorders, Diabetes, inflammation, and even cancer. The proof is in the chocolate pudding, so why do we keep eating this stuff?  The answer is in a little documentary on Netflix called, “Fed Up”.  Here’s your 1st homework assignment. 😉 

If you haven’t watched it yet, prepare for your world to be rocked.  Seriously.  Watch it tonight and share it with as many friends and family members as you can.  This is your first step in arming yourself against the Sugar Monster—EDUCATE YOURSELF!  


Here are just a few of the disguises that the Sugar Monster uses to hide amongst the foods you THOUGHT were healthy:

  1. Dextrose
  2. Dextrin
  3. Fructose
  4. Glucose
  5. Maltodextrin
  6. Agave Nectar
  7. Brown Sugar (kinda obvious) =P
  8. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  9. Malitol Syrup
  10. Maltose
  11. Rice Syrup
  12. Evaporated Cane Juice
  13. Ingredients ending in “ose” are most likely sugar!  The list goes on and on.

If you’re struggling with sugar cravings, take a deep dive into your cupboard and start readin’ those nutrition labels.  Chances are the Sugar Monster is hiding under another alias.  The good news is you’re putting in the effort now to educate yourself, and in the future, you’ll know what to eat and what to avoid like the plague!

We talked about SUBTRACTING sugar.  Now let’s get into ADDING fruits and veggies.. ideally locally grown and organic.  What’s all the hype about fruits and vegetables?  Just take a look at this awesome visual from, and it’s easy to see that eating fruits and vegetables are AMAZING for your health!


Here is a List of 5 Simple Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to your day:

  • 1) Look at your plate and draw an imaginary line down the middle.  Now fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.  Whether it’s a salad, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, pineapple chunks, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, or the scrumptious brussel sprout, try to fill half your plate with these delicous beauties!
  • 2) SUB in!  Bench your pasta for the night, and sub in some delicious veggie noodles instead.  If you don’t have a sprializer, I highly suggest the investment.  It’s a fun little contraption that turns your vegetables into twirly, whirly noodles in no time!  Click on the picture below to check out the Spiralizers on
  • Untitled 2
  • 3) Be Prepared!  Make sure you have plenty of fruits and veggies cut and ready to go for a snack, side dish, or main meal.  Meal Prep is something we’ll discuss more in future posts, but is so crucial to following a healthy eating plan.  No one likes to slice and dice when they’re hungry, and failing to prepare is preparing to…. _ _ _ _ .
  • 4) Make a GREEN DRINK!  If the idea of eating more fruits and veggies sends a chill down your spine, try drinking them.  (By the way, the more you eat/drink these healthy fruits and veggies, the more you’ll grow to LOVE them!  You may have to take my word on it for now, but you’ll soon see for yourself.)  Preferably make a smoothie or juice from super greens like organic spinach, kale, and chard as your main base, and add in some unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, green tea, or water for your liquid.  Add a bit of banana, green apple, or berries if you’re needing a little sweetness.  Avocado will add a smooth, silky texture and help keep you full.
  • 5) Sweet Potatoes Fo Life!  This vegetable is a delicious and versatile complex carbohydrate that does WONDERS for the body.  You can use your nifty Spiralizer to make sweet potato noodle pasta, bake up some sweet potato fries in a light drizzle of coconut or avocado oil, or even mash up some of these tasty veggies and turn them into a sweet potato brownie dessert that will knock your socks off!

Yes, #5 is most definitely a teaser for my CHIPPER CHIPMUNK SWEET POTATO BROWNIE RECIPE.  It’s low glycemic, packed with superfoods, and most importantly YUMMY IN THE TUMMY!  I’ll be posting all of the juicy details very soon.  Now aren’t you glad you’ve joined The Chipper Chipmunk Tribe?! =D


Healthy Eating

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